It's not just food at Delhi Streets; it's a spectacle as well. With the authentic flavours of Indian street food and the vibrant energy of the markets, Panj Tara – Zaika Purani Dilli ka brings a new delicious dining experience, sure to surprise and excite the senses.

In India, families don't go to restaurants for dinner, instead they say to each other, "Chai pani" - "Let's go out to eat,' and to the markets they will go. Rather than just a few dishes, one meal is made up from a bevy of delicious options, from savoury snacks and filling roti's, to sweet Gulam Jamun, one meal consisting of many items.

At Panj Tara, we're taking just some of our favourites and bringing the experience to Kolkata in it's entirety, with traditional flavours and all the flair.

India lives and eats on its streets, and our cooking and energy pays homage to that, bringing the flavours that we miss from our hometown to our new home to share.

Have a snack, or eat a full meal, but just give it a go!

Street Food on Your Plate

After exploring the street food of Delhi andconducting food walks in Old Delhi for quite a few years, Panj Tara is here in the city of joy with a exciting food experience - Street Food of Delhi on Your Plate. Learn how to make street food delicacies and beverages in the comfort of mum's kitchen in a clean and hygienic environment. Relish the street food with a local's family and enjoy the company with fun, food and laughter :)

“Panj Tara***** – Zaika Purani Dilli ki ”

Hop on to a fun filled delicious walk and taste the undiscovered street food

Introducing a Team Winning hearts of people and experts over the years...”

Activate your Five Senses – Hear *– See – *Smell – *Touch – *Taste – *

Panj Tara – Zaika Purani Dilli Ka .. is the answer to all of your desi food cravings. Offering you a burst of authentic and desi flavors with every bite. The Dilli 6 style Dahi Bhalla .,Aloo Tikka . Sadar Bazar ki Meat Chawal , Rajma Chawal, Parathe wale Gali ki Stuffed Paranthe The Jama Masjid ki Galion ke Tandoori Chicken and Juicy succulent Sheeks will make your senses take a stroll down the Old Delhi streets and lanes. Our vegetarian assortment is equally heavenly and nostalgic. From Soya Chaap to delicious Rolls, the Dilli 6 food will take you on a foodie experience to Dilli 6. We are all about staying true to our flavors’ and present you with the most real and authentic tasting desi delights !

Reinventing the traditional Delhi/DILLI street food with an inspiration from the food streets of unforgettable OLD DELHI. Panj Tara is getting ready to focus on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. With a variety of parathas to choose from, we're sure that we will exceed your expectation. We hope to see you soon! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


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